Weldmesh 358 High Security Fencing

Product Outline

358 welded mesh fence system is principally designed as a non-climbable fencing system to prevent unauthorised access to high hazard or value assets, such as prisons, detention centres, rail corridors and airports. The standard arrangement is a 2400mm high sheet secured with tamper resistant fixings to specially designed posts and top and bottom rails. 358 mesh denotes vertical wires resistance welded at 3 inch (75mm) centres, horizontal wires at 0.5 inch (12.5mm) centres using a 8 gauge (Ø4mm) wire. The tight wire spacing makes the panel very difficult to climb and almost impossible to cut without angle grinders or other heavy tools.

In addition to being difficult to penetrate or navigate, the mesh maintains a high level of surveillance through the fence to assist detection and recording of intruders. All steel work is hot dip galvanised after fabrication and the wire of the mesh panel has a zinc alloy finish making the assembly highly corrosion resistant.


358 welded mesh fencing is far superior to the more common chainwire fencing. It has a significantly longer life expectancy and far more economical Life Cycle Costing which proves very popular with Government asset owners and Corporates. Other advantages include:

  • Reduced financial loss due to theft, damage and vandalism.
  • Peace of mind that the duty of care to protect people from extreme hazards has been met.
  • Long run prevention of actual harm or serious injury.
  • Modular design that is safer and easier to install.
  • Time and cost saving by way of reduced maintenance costs and extended product life.

Welded mesh security fencing can be enhanced with a range of additional fittings to the top of the fence including:

  • Razor wire
  • Barbed wire
  • Steel spikes


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