SFG can offer a wide range of automation solutions to suit any commercial or industrial security automation requirement.

We offer a wide range of gate motors with a multitude of variations to suit our clients specific uses:

  • Speed
  • Movement frequency (duty cycle)
  • Gate weight
  • Ground slopes

This automation is complimented by numerous operating and activation systems including but not limited to:

  • Hand held transmitters
  • Voice Intercoms
  • Video intercoms
  • Keypad activation
  • Swab key activation
  • Card activation
  • GSM text activation
  • Ground loops

We also provide a wide range of additional communications and security components including:

  • Intercom bollards
  • Dual height intercom bollards
  • Safety beams
  • Gate activation visual warning devices – flashing lights
  • Gate activation auditory warning devices – alarms and sirens
  • Electric Locks
  • Gate Activation Timers – 365 day programming
  • Boom Gates
  • Battery Backups – Power fail back up
  • Facial recognition gate activation


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