Chainwire Fencing Solutions

Galvanised Chainwire Fence

 Ranging in heights from 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400 high.

Black PVC coated Chainwire Fencing

The most popular security solution for commercial and industrial properties is chainwire security fencing including 3 rows of barbed wire.  It comes in either a galvanised steel finish or coated PVC in a range of colours


Chainwire Security Fencing


Steel pallisade fencing offers one of the highest security solutions available

Chainwire Security Fencing with Cranked Tops in PVC coated wire

Cut on a 45 degree angle these speartop fences offer a aestehtically simplier look for a security solution


Black PVC Coated Chainwire Security fence with Top Middle and Bottom Rails

We can supply and install steel or aluminium Flat Top fencing in a range of sizes and colours.  Ranging from 1500, 1800 and 2400 high this style of fencing has a clean and simple look.  It is also pool compliant.


High Security Chainwire

High Security Razor WIre

Used in airports, ports, prisons, ...



DET Spec Chainwire


Department of Education and Training chainwire specification

Queensland Rail Spec Chainwire Fencing


QR Spec Chainwire...

Council Spec Chainwire Fence



Domestic Spec Chainwire Fence